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Do you have Projects, Ideas, Interests, Aspirations, Passions and or Purposes of Life that you have placed on hold? Are you always putting others first and not having any energy left for yourself or your goals? Let Fortune Life Coaches, LLC place you at ease when talking about your personal dreams. We will use a strength-based approach to assist you with a specific action plan with given time-lines to motivate, empower and reach your life's greatest treasures.

In the mornings when you rise, have a sense of confidence that you are fulfilling your life's journey! And as the sun sets, know that you have nurtured your personal being to reflect it's truest sense of self! 

To Thine Own Self Be True!

Tawana B. Fortune, M.A. Ed.S, CCP
Certified Coach Practitioner, Psychologist, Author
Fortune Life Coaches, LLC     Owner