Getting Past Myself
            Release Your Treasures
Getting Past Myself (An excerpt-Copyrighted 2009)

As a teenager, how many times have I said to myself....Girl no more! Just stop! You know better than that! Keep it moving! Maybe I should. Maybe I shouldn't. Do I really like him? Is she good for me? Can I trust her as my friend? So many questions, but not enough time to honestly sit down and try to tackle some of my own issues. I guess that is why I can get caught up in so many other people's issues...trying to get away from my own. Why is it so easy to give advice yet miss my own milestones as if they were small pebbles thrown in the sea?  Maybe I need to get past myself! 

Release Your Treasures (An excerpt - Copyright 2015)

As a woman, when was the last time you participated within a navigation of your own buried treasures to find your personal treasure box? You buried those treasures deep within the crevasses of your own being and they were held you!  As you read this book, you will start the journey of a new transformaion by digging up those lost teasures that were so very important to you. You will begin to remember those aspects of your life that were special to you and align yourself to your truest sense of self. This new eye-opening experience will help you to explore your personal goals and aspirations  that will stretch you out of your comfort zone. You will  "Release Your Treasures" and emerge as beautiful jewels, shiny gold coins, opulent pearls and have favorable fortune!  

Tawana B. Fortune, 

Psychologist, Life Coach